3 Tips to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

3/5/2019 Banner Stands, Large Format Printing, Pop Up Walls, TradeShow Banners Posted by Brian Cornies
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When designing a billboard, six words or less is ideal. You have a brief moment to capture a driver’s attention and get your idea across. The same strategy applies when designing your trade show display. Attendees can stop and learn more if interested, but your moment to engage them is fleeting.

Trade shows are essentially a competition to stand out—so we’ve compiled a few ways to stand out with your trade show display, without having to get obnoxious. Remember, you want to tactfully attract customers and then reel them in with a polished elevator pitch.

Below are three useful tips to keep in mind when planning for your next trade show:

Tip #1: Your Trade Show Display is your handshake.

Without even having to talk to you, attendees will have already made a snap judgment on your company based on their booth presentation. They might not even listen to your pitch before deciding whether or not to stop. You have to impress them long before that.

Plan on taking along some large-format graphics for your booth that includes your logo and a simple headline explaining your services. The key word being “simple”—as with the aforementioned billboards, people likely won’t stop walking unless you give them a reason. Consider using high-resolution pictures, large posters mounted on foam core board or other large banners. People are visual creatures; we’re naturally attracted to photos over text. Keep this in mind when setting up for your next tradeshow.

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There are many options when choosing your booth set up. We can help you make the right choice.

Tip #2: If you’re going to give something away, make it good.

Everyone in the world has enough freebie pens and terrible mints. Not saying that they can’t be done uniquely, but we’d encourage you to think more outside of the box.

What about giveaway mugs printed with your company logo filled with hot coffee for the morning sessions? Or fans with your information on them for those often uncomfortably hot conference centers? Perhaps a nice-quality bag to hold all of the freebies that other companies give away? Brainstorm items that are practical that won’t be tossed in the trash after attendees leave.

Tip #3: Simplify.

You can’t tell attendees everything you’ll want to about your awesome company. Pick one or two things to highlight in your elevator pitch. Don’t overwhelm them with excess, unnecessary information that they can easily look up later. Rather, focus on the qualities that make your company unique from all of the other trade show displays. You’ve probably spent months brainstorming your unique niche—now is your opportunity to show it off.

Determine before the show what will appeal most to those specific attendees. And keep in mind that they’ll likely be tired when listening to your pitch. Keep it upbeat, keep it short and remember to keep it simple.

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