You Know It’s Time for a Rebrand When…

3/6/2019 Branding Posted by Brian Cornies
Branding from Speedprint Cowlick Studios

Pull out your business card right now. Compare that to the last direct mail piece you sent. Now take a look at your signage. Are they all sending a consistent message? Would your customers understand what your company does in 3 seconds if they encountered your marketing? If the answer is “no” to these questions, it’s probably time to rebrand for your business.

When it is time to rebrand it can be a scary process. It could take a lot of time, cause confusion with your customers and cost you some money to make the transition. But it may be worth it if you’re not delivering the right message to the right audience. Before you take the leap, consider these rebranding tips.

It’s not me. Or is it?

Many people think that their brand consists of a logo, some signage and a business card. While these elements are key to identifying who you are, the brand goes well beyond a look. Your brand is your customers’ perception of your company, what their expectations and experiences have been in their interactions with you. Your brand is also the promises you make and deliver on everyday. Before you start making cosmetic changes, make sure you take a holistic approach to how you do business.

Get over yourself. Its time to rebrand.

While it’s your brand, it’s not about you. It’s about your customers. Take a top-down approach and analyze your entire business, and who you want to be. Talk with the type of customers you want to attract and find out what they know about you and what they need from you. Look at what your competition is doing and differentiate, don’t copy.

time to rebrand

Plan. Plan. Plan.

The rebrand process takes time and “flipping the switch” on a new brand could cause some issues. Make a transition plan and get key stakeholders involved such as customers and prospects. You have to get your employees behind the process and get them excited about their new image and, possibly, new attitude.

Finally, don’t cling onto your history, but make sure you take the good things you’re doing and keep them so your customers can still get a sense of familiarity. This will keep the customers you want coming back to do business with you.

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