3 Tips for Packaging That Really Packs a Punch

3/5/2019 Print Marketing Posted by Brian Cornies

Imagine Christmas morning with the most boring parents in the neighborhood. Two kids with bleary eyes and flannel pajamas tumble down stairs excitedly, only to stumble on a pile of building blocks and baby dolls. Their overly practical parents decided that glossy red and green paper was a waste of money. And curling the gold ribbon was just too much trouble. Tsk tsk. Unwrapping presents, no matter the holiday, is half the fun. The same principle applies to your product packaging.

It doesn’t matter what your product is, or how much you charge for it. Product packaging will either enhance or reduce your product in the customer’s eyes. Therefore to increase sales and encourage repeat customers, you better make sure your product packaging enhances the product.

The Truth About Texture and Product Packaging

As marketers who appreciate the value of packaging, we’ve got some advice for how you can improve the customer experience with a bit of paper and a lot of creativity. For this reason texture is one of the most important elements of product packaging.

An intriguing texture will highlight the value of your product. A box of chocolate tied with a velvet ribbon makes the contents feel—even taste—extra luxurious. Are you going for a luxurious, hassle-free or delightful customer experience? Whatever mood you want to evoke in customers, use texture to enhance it.


iPhone Product Packaging as an example.

Of course Apple packaging is a pretty high standard when it comes to minimal design and great functionality. Photo by 90 angle on Unsplash

The Color Purple

Packaging will build your brand or break it down. Just as texture affects your customers’ experience, color will impact your brand. Don’t let the opportunity for brand building via packaging pass your company by: choose colors carefully.

A winery with a grape motif on all other marketing elements would be crazy not to extend the design to their packaging. The color purple would be perfect for wine crates that really stand out.

A Matter of Material

Selecting the right material for your product packaging is as important as choosing an unusual texture and a relevant color. Plus, your packaging material can be a brand-builder (or destroyer) just like color. Material will tell your company’s story if it reflects your mission. A picture frame made from recycled bottle caps won’t make sense wrapped in plastic bubble wrap. But protecting your product with something more sustainable is smart and environmentally friendly.

Great packaging makes a good customer experience even better. It can build anticipation and signify what’s special about your product. Like wrapping paper, it can even prolong the fun of being your customer.


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