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Do Your Business Cards Tell a Story? 

3/2/2021 Print Marketing, Printing Posted by spadmin

Have you ever thought about what story your business cards are telling? If you are like most people, they say to your customers, prospects, and peers little more than how to get in contact with you. But used right, they can do much more. Here are some ideas for doing more with this under-utilized tool. […]

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3 Misperceptions About Print

6/19/2020 Marketing, Print Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Print continues to receive a lot of attention from marketers. Why? First, because it works. Second, it’s simply less annoying. (According to, print is 43% less annoying than the Internet.) Less annoying or not, there are many misperceptions about print that cause marketers to overlook its value. Let’s look at three myths about print […]

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What’s Another Name for Personalized Print Marketing?

6/9/2020 Direct Mail, Print Marketing, Printing Posted by spadmin

What’s another name for personalized printing? Relationship marketing! This is an approach that uses personalized printing to focus on nurturing long-term customer relationships rather than pursuing just the short-term sale. How does this work? Say you are a family-owned hardware store. Typically, a customer walks in, does his shopping, and you are available to answer […]

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Is a Custom Magazine Right for You?

5/12/2020 magazines, Print Marketing Posted by spadmin

When you think about adding new channels to engage with your customers, starting a custom magazine is probably not high on the list. It may never have crossed your mind. But it might be something you want to consider. The use of custom magazines as a customer engagement tool is growing. “Hold up!” you might […]

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There Is No “I” in “Personal”

12/3/2019 Digital, Marketing, Print Marketing Posted by spadmin

You’ve heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” So it is with print and digital personalization. By itself, data is just that—data. To be truly personal, it takes a collective effort to capture the customer’s attention and create relevant communications that move the needle. Let’s look at some of the most common marketing […]

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Print and Digital: Complements, but Not Interchangeable

10/22/2019 Marketing, Print Marketing Posted by spadmin

Print and Digital: Complements, but Not Interchangeable In the marketing world, we regularly hear about print and digital marketing being used together. Digital and print media reinforce one another, so rather than seeing the two as competitors, marketers are encouraged to integrate them. However, integration doesn’t mean that the two channels are interchangeable, as one […]

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Top 4 Reasons Consumers Love Print

5/22/2019 Print Marketing Posted by Brian Cornies

Consumers love print! When it comes to communicating your marketing message or your branding, personalized and relevant messaging is more critical than ever. However, the channel used to deliver this message is important, too. After years of research on consumer attitudes and preferences, this reality still stands: print remains consumers’ preferred channel when it comes […]

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Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

4/3/2019 Marketing, Print Marketing Posted by Brian Cornies

WaWhat was old is new again thanks to thinking inside the box. Add a QR code or augmented reality to any printed marketing piece and you’ve taken your direct mail and digital marketing to a new level. What is a QR code? You’ve probably seen them in magazines and other printed materials. A QR code […]

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Direct Mail VS Online Marketing

3/27/2019 Print Marketing Posted by Brian Cornies

If you’re looking for a revenue-generating powerhouse for your business, you’re looking for direct mail. This type of campaign is the “Old Faithful” of marketing—businesses count on them because they’re dependable and promise a consistent ROI. You can push direct mail’s ROI from consistent to record-breaking with a focus on personalization. Some online marketers mistakenly […]

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3 Tips for Packaging That Really Packs a Punch

3/5/2019 Print Marketing Posted by Brian Cornies

Imagine Christmas morning with the most boring parents in the neighborhood. Two kids with bleary eyes and flannel pajamas tumble down stairs excitedly, only to stumble on a pile of building blocks and baby dolls. Their overly practical parents decided that glossy red and green paper was a waste of money. And curling the gold […]

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