Target Market

Attention is Filtered

3/16/2021 Marketing, Target Market Posted by spadmin

One of the most renowned marketers in the world Seth Godin says, “smart companies abandon worry and embrace change”. This post is inspired by some of his thoughts on marketing: People see right through fake. It melts away instantly (along with your money). Everyone in every type of business needs to be a marketer these […]

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5 Targets to Help Your Marketing

2/16/2021 Marketing, Target Market Posted by spadmin

Did you know that by segmenting your audience into universal “buckets,” or like-minded groups, you can better target your messaging and get better results from your print and digital marketing projects? “Buckets” is a helpful term that describes grouping your customers into categories that reflect common wants, needs, and purchase motivators. By assigning each recipient […]

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Online Bounce? Lure Them Back with Direct Mail Retargeting

11/10/2020 Digital, Direct Mail, Marketing, Point of Purchase, Target Market Posted by spadmin

When someone says “retargeting,” many people tend to think of digital ads used to entice a customer or prospect back to a marketer’s website after they visited without making a purchase. But did you know that retargeting can be done with direct mail, too? Say a 30-something trail runner lands on the webpage of a […]

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What Makes “Personalized” Mailings Feel Personal?

10/27/2020 Direct Mail, Marketing, Target Market Posted by spadmin

If you think that using data — by itself — makes a mailing feel personal, think again. How many times have you received a direct mail piece or email that used your name or “personalized” images, but was irrelevant to you? Probably more often than you’d like to admit. Say you are a golf fanatic, […]

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Personalization Translates into Increased ROI

2/25/2020 Direct Mail, Marketing, Small Business, Target Market Posted by spadmin

Data-driven, personalized marketing has become nearly ubiquitous in today’s hyper-competitive economy. But is it really necessary? Can’t you just mail more generic offers at a lower cost and get the same results? Not anymore. Why? Because long-term profits have become highly correlated with customer engagement and loyalty, and personalization is key to driving both. In […]

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When It Comes to Profits, It’s Time to Sort Your Customers

2/11/2020 Marketing, Target Market, Uncategorized Posted by spadmin

Let’s face it. When it comes to profitability, some customers are worth more than others. That’s why, before deploying any marketing plan, you need to know who your most profitable customers are. Understand CLV Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), or how much a customer is worth over time, is a critical part of the equation. […]

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