Small Business

Give Mom and Pop Some Business Love

3/29/2021 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

To the millions who acted on their dream, we salute you. For days on end, you rise before the sun and outlive the burn of the midnight oil. You play a vital role in the economy and yet you don’t get the recognition you deserve. Because you have little time to work on absolutely everything […]

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How to Make Any Product Fascinating 

9/29/2020 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

It’s okay to admit that buyers don’t get as jazzed about cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and toilet plungers as they do video games and stiletto heels. If you have a “boring” product, how do you use your next direct mail, email, or multichannel campaign to get customers excited about what you have to offer? 1. […]

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How Marketing Is Changing in This “New Normal”

8/18/2020 Content, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

As the economy gradually begins to reopen, you may want your marketing strategy to look different than it has in the past. Why? Because the market is in flux, and consumers are re-evaluating existing brand relationships. A new study from Influence Central outlines just how impactful some of these changes are. Here are three of […]

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5-Step Checklist Before Refreshing Your Marketing

6/30/2020 Digital, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Mid-year is always a good time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy, especially when there has been a period of downtime. Whether you are using direct mail, email, mobile, or social media, here is a quick checklist to make sure that, as you look forward to the rest of the year, you are hitting all of […]

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3 Misperceptions About Print

6/19/2020 Marketing, Print Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Print continues to receive a lot of attention from marketers. Why? First, because it works. Second, it’s simply less annoying. (According to, print is 43% less annoying than the Internet.) Less annoying or not, there are many misperceptions about print that cause marketers to overlook its value. Let’s look at three myths about print […]

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For Better Results, Follow Your Curiosity

5/25/2020 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Do you have curiosity? If you’re doing personalized print marketing, a little can go a long way. By asking questions of your customers, whether in print or digital surveys, you can uncover valuable information that can improve your sales. One governmental agency shows us how it’s done. When the agency began implementing a new set […]

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Data: You Can’t Market Without It

4/28/2020 Data, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

There is no getting around the increasing importance of data in marketing. In fact, according to Forbes Insights, 64% of global marketers “strongly agree” that data-driven marketing is crucial to success within a hyper-competitive economy. Similarly, Gartner found that 69% of marketing leaders expect the majority of their decisions to be driven by data. Why […]

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Want to Improve Results? Look to Readability

4/14/2020 Content, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Printing is a visual industry, but the copy matters, too. If people can’t read your messaging easily or if it’s difficult to understand, you won’t get the results you want. Here are five tips for improving readability and thereby improving your response rates, conversions, and sales, too. 1. Be specific. People are drawn to details. […]

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Want More B2B Accounts? Try This!

4/1/2020 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Want More B2B Accounts? Try This! Marketing to businesses can be tricky. Unlike marketing to individuals or households, where there might be only one or two decision-makers, in businesses, decisions are often made by committee. In fact, “Chief Marketer” notes that, on average, B2B accounts have 13 influencers involved in the process. Thirteen! This is […]

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Want 25% Increase in Profit? Here’s How!

3/10/2020 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Want to make more money and improve your bottom line? Don’t just acquire more customers. Woo your existing ones. According to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention correlates with a 25% increase in profit or more. How does this work? Just look around! Over there—stacked on that storage piece—how many catalogs have […]

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Personalization Translates into Increased ROI

2/25/2020 Direct Mail, Marketing, Small Business, Target Market Posted by spadmin

Data-driven, personalized marketing has become nearly ubiquitous in today’s hyper-competitive economy. But is it really necessary? Can’t you just mail more generic offers at a lower cost and get the same results? Not anymore. Why? Because long-term profits have become highly correlated with customer engagement and loyalty, and personalization is key to driving both. In […]

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Get to Customers Before Your Competitors Do

1/28/2020 Direct Mail, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

As a smart competitor, you know that you need to snap up the opportunities before your competitors do. This includes potential customers. Your competitors are going after the same customers you are, so how do you attract them first? Here are three proven strategies that start at the mailbox. Choose the right mailing format. Not […]

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