Point of Purchase

Online Bounce? Lure Them Back with Direct Mail Retargeting

11/10/2020 Digital, Direct Mail, Marketing, Point of Purchase, Target Market Posted by spadmin

When someone says “retargeting,” many people tend to think of digital ads used to entice a customer or prospect back to a marketer’s website after they visited without making a purchase. But did you know that retargeting can be done with direct mail, too? Say a 30-something trail runner lands on the webpage of a […]

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3 Tips for Successful Point of Purchase Marketing

5/8/2019 Marketing, Point of Purchase Posted by Brian Cornies

Point of purchase marketing that gets noticed takes skill. Hundreds of other items are fighting for the same attention, hoping to be bought impulsively. Consumers have to get excited and see the value in your point of purchase items—they must feel the urge to buy. When creating point of purchase materials, opt for bright colors, […]

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