Key Shopping Trends You Need to Know for Your Marketing

1/5/2021 Digital, Marketing Posted by spadmin

In today’s changing and uncertain market, businesses want to be in tune with the most essential shopping trends. Here are three “must follow” trends that you need to know. These trends are not new. However, when things are in flux, it’s all the more important to focus on the basics. Think mobile, mobile, mobile. Mobile […]

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Online Bounce? Lure Them Back with Direct Mail Retargeting

11/10/2020 Digital, Direct Mail, Marketing, Point of Purchase, Target Market Posted by spadmin

When someone says “retargeting,” many people tend to think of digital ads used to entice a customer or prospect back to a marketer’s website after they visited without making a purchase. But did you know that retargeting can be done with direct mail, too? Say a 30-something trail runner lands on the webpage of a […]

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Why Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Is Hot in B2B

9/15/2020 Customer Relationships, Digital, Marketing Posted by spadmin

It’s the classic approach: Bring enough people into the sales funnel, and you’ll sell a lot of products. In the B2B environment, however, marketers are increasingly moving to a different approach, account-based marketing (ABM). Account-based marketing refers to targeting an account (a company) rather than an individual. Let’s look at how it works. 1. Pick the right […]

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3 Insider Tips All Nonprofits Should Know

8/4/2020 Digital, Direct Mail, Marketing, Not-For-Profit Posted by spadmin

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any nonprofit. Without donations, your mission doesn’t go on. Here are three tips for making the most of your efforts. 1. More donations are driven by direct mail + digital. Direct mail is one of the most effective ways for nonprofits to solicit donations. However, these efforts work best in […]

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5-Step Checklist Before Refreshing Your Marketing

6/30/2020 Digital, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Mid-year is always a good time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy, especially when there has been a period of downtime. Whether you are using direct mail, email, mobile, or social media, here is a quick checklist to make sure that, as you look forward to the rest of the year, you are hitting all of […]

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There Is No “I” in “Personal”

12/3/2019 Digital, Marketing, Print Marketing Posted by spadmin

You’ve heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” So it is with print and digital personalization. By itself, data is just that—data. To be truly personal, it takes a collective effort to capture the customer’s attention and create relevant communications that move the needle. Let’s look at some of the most common marketing […]

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Lead Nurturing – Nurtured Prospects Are Higher-Value Prospects

9/24/2019 Digital, Marketing Posted by spadmin

Lead nurturing is the process of drawing prospects into the sales funnel, then “dripping” relevant information to them via print, email, or other channels to keep them moving through the funnel until they make a purchase. Lead nurturing is a powerful tool, but it is a process unfamiliar to many marketers. According to Forrester Research, […]

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