Customer Relationships

Would You Want Your Grandmother to Buy This Product?

2/2/2021 Customer Relationships, Marketing Posted by spadmin

Every product tells a story. And as a business, you play a large part in what that story is. It’s called marketing. The best products represent an idea in the customer’s mind. It’s your job to figure out how to tell the story in a way that resonates with your customer and sticks. The problems […]

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Gain New Business Through Effective Communication

1/19/2021 Customer Relationships, Marketing Posted by spadmin

If you look at what makes a business successful, you’ll probably notice that the company understands how to communicate. Businesses need to tailor their communications to several audiences, such as employees and vendors. But communicating correctly to potential customers will likely mean an increase in sales. Prospects need to know that you exist and that […]

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Why Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Is Hot in B2B

9/15/2020 Customer Relationships, Digital, Marketing Posted by spadmin

It’s the classic approach: Bring enough people into the sales funnel, and you’ll sell a lot of products. In the B2B environment, however, marketers are increasingly moving to a different approach, account-based marketing (ABM). Account-based marketing refers to targeting an account (a company) rather than an individual. Let’s look at how it works. 1. Pick the right […]

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5 Ways to NOT Lose Your Customers

9/1/2020 Customer Relationships, Marketing Posted by spadmin

You work hard at gaining your customers, and you need to work just as hard to keep them. Customers can be fickle, and without a little extra effort, they can defect to a competitor. Here are five ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to you. 1. Be proactive. Customer retention takes planning. Sit […]

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