3 Things You Didn’t Know Fonts Could Do

11/24/2020 Branding, Graphic Design Posted by spadmin

What is the value of a font? These stylistic tools do more than communicate words on a page. Some are fancy, others are plain. Some are playful, and others are spooky. But all of them do more than create words. Like mood lighting, fonts set the tone for your communications in ways that you might […]

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Does Your Brand Have Multiple Personalities?

12/17/2019 Branding, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

How many personalities does your brand have? If you are doing it right, there should only be one. You should have different messaging for different audiences and marketing goals, but your overall brand message should be consistent. How do you do that? Whether your marketing is print or digital, here are four elements that, according […]

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Are You Overlooking Opportunities for Colour?

7/3/2019 Branding, Marketing Posted by spadmin

Colour is a critical element of any marketing program. In fact, a new study from Go Inspire Group found that, increased design vibrancy produced an overall revenue increase of 20%.[1] But colour isn’t just for images. With a little creativity, you can find great new ways to grab attention and draw your customers’ eyes to […]

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You Know It’s Time for a Rebrand When…

3/6/2019 Branding Posted by Brian Cornies

Pull out your business card right now. Compare that to the last direct mail piece you sent. Now take a look at your signage. Are they all sending a consistent message? Would your customers understand what your company does in 3 seconds if they encountered your marketing? If the answer is “no” to these questions, […]

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