The Vineyard Suite is a luxury guest suite in Harrow, Ontario. Situated between 17+ wineries, brew & whiskey, 5 star restaurants, beautiful beaches, birder’s haven, golfer’s paradise and national park. The rural setting of historic County Road 50 provides you with the perfect escape from your busy life. The Vineyard Suite came to us in need of a refreshed logo. They wanted to modernize their logo while maintaining the image they have had for years.

The Process

Cowlick Studios and Speedprint worked together to create a refreshed logo that would carry The Vineyard Suite forward while maintaining its history. It was important that we emphasize the proximity to so many beautiful wineries, so we ensured that the refreshed logo gave the feel of just that. We introduced vines and swashes to the logo and with little touches, like using gold textures and a deep wine red, we brought a feeling of luxury to the logo.

The Vineyard Suite also required a refreshed website to accompany their new, luxurious brand. Using the same touches from the redesigned logo, The Vineyard Suite’s website better reflects the luxury guest house and premium service they provide.

The Vineyard Suite is a joint project between
Speedprint Ltd. and Cowlick Studios