Offroad Rehab is a new business in Windsor that offers 4×4 parts and accessories for all your favourite offroad vehicles. Offroad Rehab came to us with an existing logo that just didn’t fit. We ultimately decided to create two brands; one for Offroad Rehab, and one for Jeeper Jim.

The Process

The owner of Offroad Rehab, James Knapp, is an avid offroader and can be spotted around the county in his Jeep Wrangler with custom accessories. To express James’ love for jeeping, we created James as a character, “Jeeper Jim” that he can use as his own brand. Offroad Rehab is the home of Jeeper Jim. Jeeper Jim is the character for the brand to provide life and brandability to Offroad Rehab. With this new brand along with the Jeeper Jim character, Offroad Rehab can brand fun t-shirts, stickers, hats and other promotional items to promote the store.

Some vehicle manufacturers, create offroad badges for certain vehicles that are optimized for offroading. Keeping this in mind, we designed a badge style logo for Offroad Rehab that will make them stand out from the competition, while maintaining what offroading is all about. The rugged mountains give the badge a look of toughness and grit that goes along with offroading. The badge also looks really sweet on the side of a Jeep!

We also provided Offroad Rehab with a website to showcase the products they offer. The Offroad Rehab website carries products for Jeeps to Toyotas to Fords. As well as offering products for vehicles, Offroad Rehab also offers t-shirts for sale with the custom Jeeper Jim logo. These t-shirts are available on the custom designed Jeeper Jim page,built as part of the Offroad Rehab website, but focusing on the lifestyle and products of Jeeper Jim.

Offroad Rehab is a joint project between
Speedprint Ltd. and Cowlick Studios