After falling in love with photography when she was a child and spending her teenage years exploring photography, El Enns Photography enrolled to Humber College in Toronto and graduated with honours in Creative Photography. El Enns Photography has been photographing families, kids, and families professionaly since 2013. In need of a professional logo that would flow between the different groups she photographed, El Enns Photography approached Speedprint and Cowlick Studios to create her brand.

The Process

Speedprint and Cowlick Studios presented El Enns Photography with a logo that feels professional while remaining loyal to her past. Since she started with her grandfather’s vintage camera, we wanted to make sure we kept that feeling so we created a badge style icon that also resembles the lense of a camera. El Enns Photography was presented with a logo that gives a retro/vintage feel that embodies the memories with her grandfather’s camera, while also representing her in a modern way.

El Enns Photography is a joint project between
Speedprint Ltd. and Cowlick Studios