E&B Medel Orchards is a local orchard that has been growing apples for three generations. Their family farm has grown from 18.5 acres to 162 acres, allowing them to grow peaches, pears and plums, along with a number of varieties of apples.

E&B Medel Orchards has recently expanded their business to include delivery services through an online system. With this addition to the business, they wanted a refreshed logo that would match the quality and service of their product and that would work seamlessly on delivery bags and other promotional items.

The Process

We went to work on redesigning the E&B Medel Orchards brand with a fresh, fun and natural feel, while also highlighting that it is a local, hard working, family run farm for three generations. We modernized the previous apples in their logo and created a design that has more flow. Along with the new brand, we provided E&B Medel Orchards with branded stickers for their apples, just like the ones seen on apples sold at the store. Know when anyone picks up a Medel apple, they will know they are supporting a local hard working family.

We also provided E&B Medel Orchards with a brand new website where they sell local products like honey from Sun Parlor Honey and Maple Syrup from Shady Grove Maple Co. On top of selling locally sourced products, E&B Medel Orchards will have apple orders for sale.

The online store is also an opportunity for people to have apples delivered directly to their door. Go to medelorchards.ca and click on the “direct to my door” button. The process we created will allow you to easily choose the size of container, apple quality, variety and the frequency of delivery. It is a great system and simple to use.

E&B Medel Orchards is a joint project between
Speedprint Ltd. and Cowlick Studios