Climate Control Systems is a greenhouse climate control company that creates automation systems to manage greenhouse water treatment, fertilization and temperatures. Climate Control Systems has been in the automation system business for over 30 years and wanted to create consistent visuals across all platforms. They found that their current visuals were cluttered with icons, not legible at small sizes, and they wanted something that was easily recognizable across all of their products.

The Process

Cowlick Studios and Speedprint were tasked with consolidating 3 logos or icons into one consistent brand and three visuals to brand each automation system Climate Control offers. To best differentiate between each greenhouse automation system, we created a single logo that encompasses Climate Control as a company, which is to provide simple automation systems for greenhouse growers to effectively and efficiently grow plants. From this consolidated brand, we then created colour schemes that identify with each automation system: The Climate Manager™, The Fertigation Manager™ and The Ozone Pro Water Treatment System™.

Climate Control Systems was presented with a solid logo that was the foundation for a solid brand stemming into their products. With our solution Climate Control Systems now has an easy to read, recognizable brand that is building greater awareness and stronger brand in the greenhouse industry.

Climate Control Systems is a joint project
between Speedprint Ltd. and Cowlick Studios