Want to Improve Results? Look to Readability

4/14/2020 Content, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Printing is a visual industry, but the copy matters, too. If people can’t read your messaging easily or if it’s difficult to understand, you won’t get the results you want. Here are five tips for improving readability and thereby improving your response rates, conversions, and sales, too. 1. Be specific. People are drawn to details. […]

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Want More B2B Accounts? Try This!

4/1/2020 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Want More B2B Accounts? Try This! Marketing to businesses can be tricky. Unlike marketing to individuals or households, where there might be only one or two decision-makers, in businesses, decisions are often made by committee. In fact, “Chief Marketer” notes that, on average, B2B accounts have 13 influencers involved in the process. Thirteen! This is […]

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Want 25% Increase in Profit? Here’s How!

3/10/2020 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Want to make more money and improve your bottom line? Don’t just acquire more customers. Woo your existing ones. According to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention correlates with a 25% increase in profit or more. How does this work? Just look around! Over there—stacked on that storage piece—how many catalogs have […]

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Personalization Translates into Increased ROI

2/25/2020 Direct Mail, Marketing, Small Business, Target Market Posted by spadmin

Data-driven, personalized marketing has become nearly ubiquitous in today’s hyper-competitive economy. But is it really necessary? Can’t you just mail more generic offers at a lower cost and get the same results? Not anymore. Why? Because long-term profits have become highly correlated with customer engagement and loyalty, and personalization is key to driving both. In […]

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When It Comes to Profits, It’s Time to Sort Your Customers

2/11/2020 Marketing, Target Market, Uncategorized Posted by spadmin

Let’s face it. When it comes to profitability, some customers are worth more than others. That’s why, before deploying any marketing plan, you need to know who your most profitable customers are. Understand CLV Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), or how much a customer is worth over time, is a critical part of the equation. […]

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Get to Customers Before Your Competitors Do

1/28/2020 Direct Mail, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

As a smart competitor, you know that you need to snap up the opportunities before your competitors do. This includes potential customers. Your competitors are going after the same customers you are, so how do you attract them first? Here are three proven strategies that start at the mailbox. Choose the right mailing format. Not […]

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Small Marketing Budget? No Problem!

1/14/2020 Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

Just because you have a limited marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t have big results. With the right strategy, you can maximize your investment, no matter how much you have to spend. Let’s look at seven ways to do that. Find and target your best audience. You might think that the more people you reach, […]

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Little Known Ways to Boost Your Mailing Results

1/1/2020 Direct Mail, Marketing Posted by spadmin

Did you know that direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more than non-direct mail recipients?1 This is excellent news for marketers. But with increasing pressure on marketing budgets, you still want to make every direct mail dollar count. Here are three overlooked ways to boost your mailing results and maximize your […]

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Does Your Brand Have Multiple Personalities?

12/17/2019 Branding, Marketing, Small Business Posted by spadmin

How many personalities does your brand have? If you are doing it right, there should only be one. You should have different messaging for different audiences and marketing goals, but your overall brand message should be consistent. How do you do that? Whether your marketing is print or digital, here are four elements that, according […]

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There Is No “I” in “Personal”

12/3/2019 Digital, Marketing, Print Marketing Posted by spadmin

You’ve heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” So it is with print and digital personalization. By itself, data is just that—data. To be truly personal, it takes a collective effort to capture the customer’s attention and create relevant communications that move the needle. Let’s look at some of the most common marketing […]

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What Drives Color Trends?

11/19/2019 Colour, Graphic Design Posted by spadmin

What influences the graphic designers who are designing your marketing collateral, direct mail, packaging, and displays? According to Jack Bredenfoerder, director of BV Color Strategy, five factors are impacting the use of color in any design project: How the eye sees color. This refers to the interaction of the object, the light source, and the […]

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Tips for Mailing on a Budget

11/5/2019 Direct Mail, Marketing Posted by spadmin

Tips for Mailing on a Budget Postal costs are one of the most substantial items in a marketer’s direct mail budget. But even if your budget is tight, don’t compromise this critical customer contact and retention tool. Don’t mail less. Mail smarter. Here’s how: Keep your list up to date. The most reliable way to […]

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